Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ballad of a Hunter

Ballad of the Hunter

A Hunter went through the woods one day

Knowing that he had debts to pay

He was trying to find animals to kill

To repay the debts he had to pay

The Hunter walked around and around

But animals were nowhere to be found

He hunted and hunted all day long

But nothing was to be found in the woods today

He knew that he had debts to pay

And a family to feed every day

And if he didn’t pay his debts today

He would have no family to feed today

So once again he walks through the woods this day

Looking for animals to slay

He sees something in the far away

And hopes it is an animal to slay

What he finds is no animal to slay

But the men he owed his debts to today

The Hunter tries to run away

Because he knows he has these debts to pay

But the men he owed money to today

Track him down and found him that day

Let’s just say that the Hunter is no more today

RIP a forgotten Hunter

By Danny Grasso

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Theodore Roosevelt Ballad

Once a powerful man,

In time it would happen,

As a young boy,

He would always be laughing.

A boy full of spirit,

All of the potential in the world,

Focusing on his studies,

But also interested in this girl.

This girl would soon become his wife,

But shortly after death approached her,

Theodore was crushed,

He moved out west to become manlier.

Theodore finally found love again,

This marriage was followed by kids,

He got involved with politics,

And for his presidency he received no ballads.

One of the most beloved presidents this country has ever known,

Having the country at his feet,

Theodore Roosevelt would do great things,

Building the Panama Canal was a tremendous accomplishment to meet.

Monday, November 21, 2011

turkey vs. the man

turkey vs man ballad

As I walked along the road one day
Kicking up stones along the way,
I saw a bird looking real funny
Who had a large beak and small, beady eyes.

He strutted about and ruffled his wings
Then he did the most cute thing.
He let out a screech and puffed out his chest
I wanted to run to my house and take a rest

As this bird's mighty exterior did appear
The inside of my chest was filled with fear.
He put one talon forward, the other one next
This troublesome bird was making me vexed.

I then did something that was a great chance.
I kicked a stone at him to stop his advance.
He then chased the stone, oh joy of great joys!
I felt myself one of the luckiest boys!

Around the corner I ran, straight to my home,
Leaving that bird confused and alone.
Don't befriend a turkey (for that's what he was)
Or he will attack you simply because.

Chaucer and the Host

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Knight & Squire

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The Skipper and the Doctor

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ballad of a boy called bobby

He sailed across the sea
To find the gallon of mead
which he chose to drink without anybody
and only on his mighty stead

He walked from place to place
in ernest he ran
to a place called a bar
in where he met his best friend dan

Bobby and Dan then spoke
about a new place where they can play
it took a week to get there
but they loved it and decided to stay

Until one night where mom came
she said stop with lousy games
come to diner right now
then you can go back to play

He crawled down in shame
yelled to dan ill be back to play
after diner was eaten in quietness
bobby came back and gained all his fame
to the place where they call the treehouse

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Ballad of Babe Ruth

Babe played in the early 20th Century,

For the Boston Red Sox,

He got traded to the New York Yankees,

Then Boston could not even hit a rock.

Once he was on the Yankees,

They started to win Championships,

While the Boston Red Sox’s suffered,

And fell over and tripped!

Babe set records during his career as a Yankee,

Hitting the most homeruns in a single season,

To be unbroken till just recently,

That’s the only reason why the Yankees were breezin’.

Babe Ruth died a little later,

When he was in his prime,

The poor old Boston Red Sox, Did not even win a dime!

Ballad of General Lee Soon Shin

Born in Korea to be a general

To fight against Japan

For the safety for all

And to save his land

He made turtle ships that could be both defensive and offensive

By using shell shaped top of the boat to defend

And using the turtle head for firing fire

Which was very successive

He stood still and strong

Against many injuries from new weapons of Japan

But new weapons that belong

To the Japan

Was too powerful for soldiers with swords

that led General Lee into severe damage

Even though he was dying during a battle

He ordered to be covered by shields around him

And tell his soldiers that he is not damaged

And not to tell opponents that death will come to him

His stories were told to many

Which is still remembered today

His achievements will not last for a day

But his stories will spread out forever

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ballad of Martin Luther King Jr.

Standing in front of thousands

Speaking his dreams to all

Teaching, loving, and believing

Mr. King, your dreams will never fall

His speeches were spread all throughout

Inspiring those treated unfairly

To stand up too like the man behind the podium

Mr. King you’re forgotten rarely

It was rights he spoke for

It was rights for the free

But no matter how much he argued

Not everyone agreed

Standing on the balcony

The whole crowd applauded

As the gun was fired

And the assailant nodded

For his sacrifice and bravery

He is remembered to this day

Praise your rights to freedom

For Mr. King lead the way

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix covered this famous blues number by Howlin' Wolf-- "Killing Floor.: An amazing 1:45 introduction.

The mistletoe

Under the mistletoe, the both of us
for her naughty glance hint her thoughts.
For the two of us know what’s coming,
our heart does the drumming.

The smile that wore on my face
she knows, of course, what my act implies.
I say look at those lips! Then she smiles
my mind is saying nothing but lies.

We both stand here eager to touch
then she looked at me with a refined surprise.
Her eyes left me mine then shined.
Look at me once more.

I know what her cold glance signifies.
We’ve been together for a while.
When was the last time we had this?
I forgot this is what I missed.

But just look at those lips.
Let’s not waste this mistletoe
we both know what’s coming
let’s get to the drumming.

The Death of Queen Jane

Queen Jeanie was in labor for seven weeks in summer,

The women all being tired and quite gave her over:

‘O women, dear women, if women you be,

Send for my mother to come and see me.’

Her mother was sent for and instantly came,

Knelt down at the bedside where Queen Jeanie lay on:

‘O mother, dear mother, if mother you be,

Send for my father to come and see me.’

The father was sent for and instantly came,

Knelt down by the bedside where Queen Jeanie lay on:

‘O father, dear father, if father you be,

Send for King Henry to come and see me.’

King Henry was sent for and instantly came,

Knelt down by the bedside where Queen Jeanie lay on:

‘O Henry, King Henry, if Henry you be,

Send for the doctor to come and see me.’

The doctor was sent for and instantly came,

Knelt down by the bedside where Queen Jeanie lay on:

‘O doctor, dear doctor, if doctor you be,

Open my left side and let the babe free.’

Her bones were all broken and laid at her feet,

And they anointed her body with the ointment so sweet,

And ay as they weeped they wrung their hands sore,

For the fair flower of England will flourish no more.

By T.Flores

A great Loss for the world of Basketball

I tall gentleman from Landover, Maryland

A superior athlete walked the Maryland halls

Blessing people with his athleticism he did

As he dribbled dunked in shot a basketball

His star began to rise at an incredible rate

Because he could make the most incredible plays

Playing and dominating both ends of the floor

Reminiscent of one of the greats whose shoes were named Jays

As June 17th soon approached he prepared for his leap to the next level

Because he was now one of the NBA top prospects

He was even better liked because he was so low maintenance

His advantages were that his skills were so complex.

The draft day had finally came

And the Maryland star had arrived

To New York City were the draft was being held

Only after being picked 2nd he decided to take drugs and his career was deprived.

Two days later he was pronounced dead

Because of drug name cocaine he tried it

For the first time and I guess his body didn’t agree

Because the life and career was taken from a man named Len Bias

Scared of the consequences on deaths throne

A foreign city living alone

Where the good and the bad overrides the rest

Deep down far far west

The shrines and towers we see

Are found from lights shooting out the lurid sea

No light from the heavens crown

Streaming down all over the ground

No waves ripple and curl

During the night the waves whirl

The wind whips which makes it grand

Somewhere in a happier land

The waves now have a brighter glow

The city is at an all time low

The earth moans for a new land

This isn’t grand

Eternity will not remain

Those will live in vain

The people there aren’t well

This really feels like hell

The Conceded Warrior

There once was a heroic warrior

That would travel to great lengths

To challenge monster or man

To bestow his strengths

Once he drew his sword

Lords would sing and the heavens opened

His skill is a great reward

But there came a day

In which he couldn’t dream of

A monster of such wickedness

Would stand before him

Grunting and growling he seemed limitless

Eyes blood red claws like knives

The conceded warrior did not think much

It was he who beaten bigger creatures

Monsters and demon with one touch

At once the sword was drawn

Clashing with claws

But it was then when the heroic warrior

Took his last brave breath due to Satan’s paws

The Ballad Of Robert H.

Here once was a boy

And his name was rob

He sat in English class

And started to sob

Because he found out

That his marks were bad

That made Robert

Visage very sad

At that time

Mr. Horner said

“To improve your grades,

You must make a dragon dead!”

So that night rob

Set out on his quest

To fight a dragon tougher

Than one of Mr. Horner’s tests

He walked into

The dark cave

Oh Robert H

Was very brave

Until he saw

The dragon so large

It showed rob

Who was in charge

The dragon beat him so hard

He started to cry

And by the 20th hour beating

Robert H died

Just kidding! Rob lived

To tell the tale

So now Robert H



There once was a great man,

He would become a leader of one united state.

He would lead his people strongly,

But during his leadership he would meet an unfortunate fate.

First John would fight for his country,

He would command boats.

Little did this man know,

He would keep help his nation afloat.

After he served his country,

He would enter politics.

Soon thereafter,

His life would be taken by a series of clicks.

He would be known as a great leader,

One worthy of a prize.

His life’s work would soon end,

With the sound of his people’s cries.

John would be taken down the street,

Watching his people cheer from his car.

But little did he know,

John would be shot from a far.

the ballad biggie smalls

Remove Formatting from selectionbiggie smalls the lyrical genuis
had a way with words
in all his battles
make people look absurd

hustling since he was a younging
kids at school told him he was an ugly
saved up his money
so he didnt have to dress funny

did a crime
shoulda done some time
his boy bailed him out
and took the blame

dropped the dope game
and started writing lyrics
here he is now not worrying about the critics
making his way to the top abosrbing all the fame

got ahead of himself and went to the west coast
had a show to play
after the show he wanted to go home
instead he got shot up and turned into a ghost