Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The mistletoe

Under the mistletoe, the both of us
for her naughty glance hint her thoughts.
For the two of us know what’s coming,
our heart does the drumming.

The smile that wore on my face
she knows, of course, what my act implies.
I say look at those lips! Then she smiles
my mind is saying nothing but lies.

We both stand here eager to touch
then she looked at me with a refined surprise.
Her eyes left me mine then shined.
Look at me once more.

I know what her cold glance signifies.
We’ve been together for a while.
When was the last time we had this?
I forgot this is what I missed.

But just look at those lips.
Let’s not waste this mistletoe
we both know what’s coming
let’s get to the drumming.

1 comment:

James Horner said...

sweet poem-- not tragic