Wednesday, November 9, 2011

By T.Flores

A great Loss for the world of Basketball

I tall gentleman from Landover, Maryland

A superior athlete walked the Maryland halls

Blessing people with his athleticism he did

As he dribbled dunked in shot a basketball

His star began to rise at an incredible rate

Because he could make the most incredible plays

Playing and dominating both ends of the floor

Reminiscent of one of the greats whose shoes were named Jays

As June 17th soon approached he prepared for his leap to the next level

Because he was now one of the NBA top prospects

He was even better liked because he was so low maintenance

His advantages were that his skills were so complex.

The draft day had finally came

And the Maryland star had arrived

To New York City were the draft was being held

Only after being picked 2nd he decided to take drugs and his career was deprived.

Two days later he was pronounced dead

Because of drug name cocaine he tried it

For the first time and I guess his body didn’t agree

Because the life and career was taken from a man named Len Bias

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James Horner said...

the name at the end is effective