Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ballad of a Hunter

Ballad of the Hunter

A Hunter went through the woods one day

Knowing that he had debts to pay

He was trying to find animals to kill

To repay the debts he had to pay

The Hunter walked around and around

But animals were nowhere to be found

He hunted and hunted all day long

But nothing was to be found in the woods today

He knew that he had debts to pay

And a family to feed every day

And if he didn’t pay his debts today

He would have no family to feed today

So once again he walks through the woods this day

Looking for animals to slay

He sees something in the far away

And hopes it is an animal to slay

What he finds is no animal to slay

But the men he owed his debts to today

The Hunter tries to run away

Because he knows he has these debts to pay

But the men he owed money to today

Track him down and found him that day

Let’s just say that the Hunter is no more today

RIP a forgotten Hunter

By Danny Grasso

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