Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ballad of a boy called bobby

He sailed across the sea
To find the gallon of mead
which he chose to drink without anybody
and only on his mighty stead

He walked from place to place
in ernest he ran
to a place called a bar
in where he met his best friend dan

Bobby and Dan then spoke
about a new place where they can play
it took a week to get there
but they loved it and decided to stay

Until one night where mom came
she said stop with lousy games
come to diner right now
then you can go back to play

He crawled down in shame
yelled to dan ill be back to play
after diner was eaten in quietness
bobby came back and gained all his fame
to the place where they call the treehouse

1 comment:

James Horner said...

where they could play
tragic figure?