Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ballad of General Lee Soon Shin

Born in Korea to be a general

To fight against Japan

For the safety for all

And to save his land

He made turtle ships that could be both defensive and offensive

By using shell shaped top of the boat to defend

And using the turtle head for firing fire

Which was very successive

He stood still and strong

Against many injuries from new weapons of Japan

But new weapons that belong

To the Japan

Was too powerful for soldiers with swords

that led General Lee into severe damage

Even though he was dying during a battle

He ordered to be covered by shields around him

And tell his soldiers that he is not damaged

And not to tell opponents that death will come to him

His stories were told to many

Which is still remembered today

His achievements will not last for a day

But his stories will spread out forever

1 comment:

James Horner said...

rhyme lines 2 and 4; To Japan (lengthen this line)