Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Ballad Of Robert H.

Here once was a boy

And his name was rob

He sat in English class

And started to sob

Because he found out

That his marks were bad

That made Robert

Visage very sad

At that time

Mr. Horner said

“To improve your grades,

You must make a dragon dead!”

So that night rob

Set out on his quest

To fight a dragon tougher

Than one of Mr. Horner’s tests

He walked into

The dark cave

Oh Robert H

Was very brave

Until he saw

The dragon so large

It showed rob

Who was in charge

The dragon beat him so hard

He started to cry

And by the 20th hour beating

Robert H died

Just kidding! Rob lived

To tell the tale

So now Robert H


1 comment:

James Horner said...

no proper names of students at BC